Schedule Results

4/23/2021 at Attica Raceway Park - Attica, OH

410 Sprints - Winged

McKenna Haase

410 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
B Feature 179th
Heat 198th
Qualifying 1Time: 13.598925th

410 Sprints - Winged

A Feature

30 laps | 00:00:00
13Zeb WiseAngola, IN10
216Trey JacobsShreve, OH3J
32Caleb GriffithSandusky, OH33W
44Cole MacedoLemoore, CA18
51Stuart BrubakerFremont, OH35
65Travis PhiloWaterville, OH5T
710Cap HenryBellevue, OH4
86Craig MintzGibsonburg, OH09
99T.J. MichaelWest Plano, TX8M
1012Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW20
1117D.J. FoosFremont, OH16
1211Chris AndrewsHuron, OH23
1320Cale ConleyVienna, WV3C
1413John IvyFremont, OH27S
1518Skylar GeeLeduc, AB28
1614Harli WhiteLindsay, OK11N
1715Ricky PetersonRawson, OH2
1819Chad WilsonToledo, OH14
198Nate DusselBradner, OH1
207Gary TaylorSnohomish, WA97

B Feature

10 laps | 00:00:00
14Trey JacobsShreve, OH3J
23D.J. FoosFremont, OH16
35Skylar GeeLeduc, AB28
41Chad WilsonToledo, OH14
56Cale ConleyVienna, WV3C
68Kyle CapodiceHuron, OH12
710Frankie NervoStow, OH21N
82Dean JacobsWooster, OH9
97McKenna HaaseDes Moines, IA55
109Henry MalcuitStrasburg, OH70

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:00:00
14Zeb WiseAngola, IN10
23Chris AndrewsHuron, OH23
31Gary TaylorSnohomish, WA97
45Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW20
56Harli WhiteLindsay, OK11N
67Chad WilsonToledo, OH14
72Trey JacobsShreve, OH3J
89McKenna HaaseDes Moines, IA55
98Frankie NervoStow, OH21N

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:00:00
12Stuart BrubakerFremont, OH35
23Cap HenryBellevue, OH4
34Cole MacedoLemoore, CA18
41T.J. MichaelWest Plano, TX8M
55Travis PhiloWaterville, OH5T
68Dean JacobsWooster, OH9
77Skylar GeeLeduc, AB28
86Kyle CapodiceHuron, OH12

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:00:00
11Nate DusselBradner, OH1
22Caleb GriffithSandusky, OH33W
34Craig MintzGibsonburg, OH09
47John IvyFremont, OH27S
56Ricky PetersonRawson, OH2
63D.J. FoosFremont, OH16
75Cale ConleyVienna, WV3C
88Henry MalcuitStrasburg, OH70


125Zeb WiseAngola, IN1012.582
21Chris AndrewsHuron, OH2312.686
314Cole MacedoLemoore, CA1812.701
410Cap HenryBellevue, OH412.740
52Stuart BrubakerFremont, OH3512.845
617Craig MintzGibsonburg, OH0912.858
76D.J. FoosFremont, OH1612.866
813Trey JacobsShreve, OH3J12.878
98Caleb GriffithSandusky, OH33W12.883
105Nate DusselBradner, OH112.884
114Cale ConleyVienna, WV3C12.915
1216T.J. MichaelWest Plano, TX8M13.002
1321Gary TaylorSnohomish, WA9713.037
1420Travis PhiloWaterville, OH5T13.057
1519Ricky PetersonRawson, OH213.182
1624Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW2013.237
1711John IvyFremont, OH27S13.266
1822Harli WhiteLindsay, OK11N13.268
1915Henry MalcuitStrasburg, OH7013.279
2023Chad WilsonToledo, OH1413.300
213Kyle CapodiceHuron, OH1213.310
227Skylar GeeLeduc, AB2813.326
2312Dean JacobsWooster, OH913.437
2418Frankie NervoStow, OH21N13.464
259McKenna HaaseDes Moines, IA5513.598

Race Stats

  • Races69
  • Wins2
  • Top 55
  • Top 1015
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