Schedule Results

5/31/2021 at Lawrenceburg Speedway - Lawrenceburg, IN

410 Sprints - Winged: World of Outlaws

McKenna Haase

410 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
A Feature 121DNF
Heat 37DNF
Qualifying 1Time: 12.5292421st

410 Sprints - Winged

A Feature

35 laps | 00:00:00
12Kyle LarsonElk Grove, CA57
24Logan SchuchartHanover, PA1S
33Sheldon HaudenschildWooster, OH17
410Michael KofoidPenngrove, CA39
514Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA14
66Kraig KinserBloomington, IN11K
724Brad SweetGrass Valley, CA49
88Donny SchatzFargo, ND15
97Carson MacedoLemoore, CA41
1016Lachlan McHughGold Coast, QLD101
1112Spencer BaystonLebanon, IN71
125David GravelWatertown, CT2
139Cale ThomasFairland, IN91
1423James McFaddenAlice Springs, NT9
1518Cole MacedoLemoore, CA18
1620Tanner ThorsonMinden, NV19AZ
1717Brinton MarvelPittsboro, IN21BP
18 (DNF)15Shawn DancerDelphos, OH49D
19 (DNF)1Aaron ReutzelClute, TX83
20 (DNF)13Paige PolyakTiffin, OH19
21 (DNF)22Bradley AshfordLiberty Township, OH4X
22 (DNF)11Wayne JohnsonOklahoma City, OK2C
23 (DNF)21McKenna HaaseDes Moines, IA55
24 (DNF)19Jacob AllenHanover, PA1A


8 laps | 00:00:00
11Aaron ReutzelClute, TX83
23Kyle LarsonElk Grove, CA57
34Sheldon HaudenschildWooster, OH17
45Logan SchuchartHanover, PA1S
56David GravelWatertown, CT2
62Kraig KinserBloomington, IN11K

Heat 1

10 laps | 00:00:00
11Logan SchuchartHanover, PA1S
25Sheldon HaudenschildWooster, OH17
32Carson MacedoLemoore, CA41
44Michael KofoidPenngrove, CA39
56James McFaddenAlice Springs, NT9
68Shawn DancerDelphos, OH49D
77Cole MacedoLemoore, CA18
8 (DNF)3Brad SweetGrass Valley, CA49
9 (DNF)9Bradley AshfordLiberty Township, OH4X

Heat 2

10 laps | 00:00:00
11Aaron ReutzelClute, TX83
24Kyle LarsonElk Grove, CA57
32Donny SchatzFargo, ND15
48Wayne JohnsonOklahoma City, OK2C
53Paige PolyakTiffin, OH19
67Lachlan McHughGold Coast, QLD101
75Jacob AllenHanover, PA1A
8 (DNF)6Tanner ThorsonMinden, NV19AZ

Heat 3

10 laps | 00:00:00
11David GravelWatertown, CT2
22Kraig KinserBloomington, IN11K
34Cale ThomasFairland, IN91
46Spencer BaystonLebanon, IN71
53Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA14
65Brinton MarvelPittsboro, IN21BP
7 (DNF)8Zach HamptonMooresville, IN35
8 (DNF)7McKenna HaaseDes Moines, IA55


12Logan SchuchartHanover, PA1S11.911
25Aaron ReutzelClute, TX8311.984
31David GravelWatertown, CT211.996
46Carson MacedoLemoore, CA4112.043
522Donny SchatzFargo, ND1512.047
612Kraig KinserBloomington, IN11K12.085
77Brad SweetGrass Valley, CA4912.113
84Paige PolyakTiffin, OH1912.123
93Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA1412.142
108Michael KofoidPenngrove, CA3912.184
1115Kyle LarsonElk Grove, CA5712.211
1211Cale ThomasFairland, IN9112.233
1317Sheldon HaudenschildWooster, OH1712.261
1421Jacob AllenHanover, PA1A12.344
1513Brinton MarvelPittsboro, IN21BP12.345
1623James McFaddenAlice Springs, NT912.358
1718Tanner ThorsonMinden, NV19AZ12.358
1819Spencer BaystonLebanon, IN7112.365
199Cole MacedoLemoore, CA1812.389
2020Lachlan McHughGold Coast, QLD10112.471
2124McKenna HaaseDes Moines, IA5512.529
2214Shawn DancerDelphos, OH49D12.572
2316Wayne JohnsonOklahoma City, OK2C12.790
2425Zach HamptonMooresville, IN3512.861
2510Bradley AshfordLiberty Township, OH4X13.261

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