Schedule Results

5/21/2021 at Circle City Raceway - Indianapolis, IN

305 Sprints - Winged: Indiana Racesaver Sprints
410 Sprints - Winged: All Star Circuit of Champions

McKenna Haase

410 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
B Feature 1Time: 508.282108th
Heat 3109th
Qualifying 1Time: 12.2382830th

410 Sprints - Winged

A Feature

40 laps | 00:32:37.434Presented by FloRacing
12Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC
21Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24
311Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO55
44Scotty ThielSheboygan, WI73
56Zeb WiseAngola, IN10
63Paul McMahanNashville, TN5
718Brady BaconBroken Arrow, OK69
85Bill BalogNorth Pole, AK17B
910Justin PeckMonrovia, IN13
1012Cap HenryBellevue, OH4
1114T.J. MichaelWest Plano, TX8M
1217Tanner ThorsonMinden, NV19AZ
137Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA14
149Cory EliasonVisalia, CA26
1520Thomas MeseraullSan Jose, CA00
1613Ian MadsenSt Marys, NSW11
1715Sam Hafertepe JrSunnyvale, TX15H
1819Carson ShortMarion, IL21
1921Noah GassMounds, OK20G
2025Kyle ReinhardtNeptune City, NJ91
2124Clinton BoylesGreenwood, MO98
22 (DNF)23Cale ThomasFairland, IN91X
23 (DNF)22Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW20
24 (DNF)16Brinton MarvelPittsboro, IN21BP
25 (DNF)8Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18

B Feature

12 laps | 00:08:20.024Presented by Classic Ink USA
11Carson ShortMarion, IL21
22Thomas MeseraullSan Jose, CA00
34Noah GassMounds, OK20G
43Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW20
55Cale ThomasFairland, IN91X
67Clinton BoylesGreenwood, MO98
76Critter MaloneGreencastle, IN7
810McKenna HaaseDes Moines, IA55M
98Kyle ReinhardtNeptune City, NJ91
109Brandon LongWichita Falls, TX02
1111Ryan BroughtonBainbridge, OH22
1212Chris PhillipsMartinsville, IN6

Dash 1

4 laps | 00:04:46.651Presented by Kears Speed Shop
11Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24
23Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC
34Paul McMahanNashville, TN5
42Scotty ThielSheboygan, WI73
55Bill BalogNorth Pole, AK17B
66Zeb WiseAngola, IN10
77Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA14
88Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:00:00Presented by Ford Performance
13Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA14
22Cory EliasonVisalia, CA26
34Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18
41T.J. MichaelWest Plano, TX8M
55Sam Hafertepe JrSunnyvale, TX15H
69Brady BaconBroken Arrow, OK69
76Carson ShortMarion, IL21
87Cale ThomasFairland, IN91X
910Brandon LongWichita Falls, TX02
108Ryan BroughtonBainbridge, OH22

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:00:00Presented by All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads
12Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC
21Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO55
35Cap HenryBellevue, OH4
43Scotty ThielSheboygan, WI73
54Zeb WiseAngola, IN10
67Tanner ThorsonMinden, NV19AZ
78Noah GassMounds, OK20G
810Clinton BoylesGreenwood, MO98
99Kyle ReinhardtNeptune City, NJ91
10 (DNF)6Thomas MeseraullSan Jose, CA00

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:00:00Presented by Hunt Brothers Pizza
11Paul McMahanNashville, TN5
22Justin PeckMonrovia, IN13
35Ian MadsenSt Marys, NSW11
43Bill BalogNorth Pole, AK17B
54Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24
66Brinton MarvelPittsboro, IN21BP
77Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW20
88Critter MaloneGreencastle, IN7
910McKenna HaaseDes Moines, IA55M
109Chris PhillipsMartinsville, IN6


00:00:00Presented by Dixie Vodka
11Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA1811.450
25Zeb WiseAngola, IN1011.453
39Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA2411.459
43Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA1411.532
515Scotty ThielSheboygan, WI7311.608
64Bill BalogNorth Pole, AK17B11.622
724Cory EliasonVisalia, CA2611.635
812Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC11.646
922Justin PeckMonrovia, IN1311.668
107T.J. MichaelWest Plano, TX8M11.719
1116Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO5511.723
1218Paul McMahanNashville, TN511.729
1329Sam Hafertepe JrSunnyvale, TX15H11.733
1417Cap HenryBellevue, OH411.744
1525Ian MadsenSt Marys, NSW1111.765
1630Carson ShortMarion, IL2111.797
1726Thomas MeseraullSan Jose, CA0011.862
182Brinton MarvelPittsboro, IN21BP11.915
1914Cale ThomasFairland, IN91X11.923
2027Tanner ThorsonMinden, NV19AZ11.926
2121Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW2011.927
228Ryan BroughtonBainbridge, OH2211.979
2310Noah GassMounds, OK20G12.048
246Critter MaloneGreencastle, IN712.055
2519Brady BaconBroken Arrow, OK6912.079
2623Kyle ReinhardtNeptune City, NJ9112.124
2711Chris PhillipsMartinsville, IN612.179
2820Brandon LongWichita Falls, TX0212.181
2913Clinton BoylesGreenwood, MO9812.218
3028McKenna HaaseDes Moines, IA55M12.238

Race Stats

  • Races69
  • Wins2
  • Top 55
  • Top 1015
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